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A passionate "sole", dedicated to designing and executing the most exclusive designs for your customs.

John Millar is the sole designer and customizer for JSM 801 Customs. He has been notarized for creating customs for the Dallas Cowboys, Utah Jazz, Los Angeles Lakers, ReAL Salt Lake, actor Asher Angel and more!

He was born and raised in Salt Lake City, UT. He has always had passion and dedication for what ever he was into. Whether it was football, MMA, import cars, sneakers - he put his forth and all into it.

John is a self taught artist which began initially as a hobby which then turned into a full-time job. He is known for his custom creations that appear as if they are straight from Nike!

With a family of 5, John works around the clock while being  available for his wife Linda and 3 kids; Jaiden, Jade, and Olivia.

John has been featured by Complex Sneakers and Sneaker News. He is sponsored by: Angelus Direct and Rockstar Energy Utah!

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